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  Installation Notes

All AudioBookMaker.com products System Requirements

* Windows 95/NT4/98/Me/2000/XP/7/8.
* Sound card.


Step 1: Download desired software from this website and install it and launch it.
Step 2 (optional): If you have no any required components on your computer then programm will ask you to install it (if you have any text-to-speech software on your computer then most likely, your system already has the all necessary components).

Detailed information about how it works.

1. Before you can use speech-enabled applications on your computer you have to install MS SAPI. Most likely, your system already has this component.
2. You also need at least one Text-To-Speech Engine installed. Text-To-Speech Engine is a "voice" that can be male or female, and can speak English or any other available language.
Download a speech engines

Version 2.01 available
AudioBookMaker 2.01
       ABM Speaking Clock

ABM Speaking Clock
Customizable multilingual speaking clock. With alarms.


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