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  Additional Voices (Text-To-Speech Engines)

Here is some of voices compatible with Audiobookmaker.

Note. You should close Audiobookmaker before new voices installation.

Freeware Voices (average quality)

Microsoft Text-to-Speech Engines
Mary, Mike, Sam and More (7.3MB)

L&H TruVoice TTS Engines
American English (0.99MB)
British English (2.54MB)
Dutch (2.58MB)
French (2.24MB)
German (2.18MB)
Italian (1.97MB)
Japanese (3.00MB)
Korean (3.03MB)
Portuguese (2.39MB)
Russian (2.85MB)
Spanish (2.36MB)

Echo (Chinese)


Commercial voices (high quality)
Note! Audiobookmaker can use SpeechAPI 4.0 and SAPI 5-compatible voices only.


Version 2.01 available
AudioBookMaker 2.01
       ABM Speaking Clock

ABM Speaking Clock
Customizable multilingual speaking clock. With alarms.


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